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Currently in foal: Winningconvictions

Apiro was born and bred in Germany.  After being imported to the States, he was Reserve Champion of his 30-day stallion test in 2004, scoring an 8.51 overall withan 8.86 for jumping ability and 7.99 for dressage.  Recently, he has been celebrating a successful career as an A Circuit Hunter, where has earned multiple Champions and Reserves in the Green Working Hunter 3'6"/3'9" Division as well as the Working Hunter 4' Division under Joey Brumbaugh.  In 2010, Aprio will compete under Nikko Ritter, an accomplished 20 year old who became a household name while starring in Animal Planet's "Horse Power: Road to the Maclay" television series.  Apiro's sire is the amazing Hanoverian Argentinus, who is also the sire of Beezie Madden's Judgement.



Currently in foal: Ninety Deniro

Banderas is a very typey athletic stallion, with a lovely expression, clearly stamped by in looks by his sire, Balou Du Roulet [sire of Rodrigo Pessoa's Baloubet du Rouet].  Banderas has three very good athletic gaits, and shows a huge amount of jumping potential, he jumps in classic form, and show a lot of scope.  He also has a very good temperament and good nature.  His damline boasts the infamous G-line horses, through Grannus, noted for their unprecedented abilities for jumping.  Following in these footsteps, Banderas scored a pefect 10 on his jump during his RPSI inspection in 2009.



2008 foal: Coroniro

From Heritage Manor Farm's website: "Big and handsome with large kind eyes and a gentle nature, Coromino is a truly beautiful horse, both inside and out. He has classic good looks with modern refinement, good bone, long legs and a beautiful neck. He is extremely easygoing, cooperative and well mannered, a true gentleman. Coromino is multi-talented for both Dressage and Jumping, and has three impressive and correct gaits suitable for both disciplines."



2007 foal: Tiberon

From Blue Moon Farm's website: "16.3H bay Trakehner by the Olympic gold medalist 'Peron'. Peron is known as the highest scoring Olympic stallion in dressage history. Feron's damsire is the German imported stallion Leibjager, who was also a competitve grand prix dressagfe stallion. This phenomenal stallion should throw his size, presence, and bone to his foals. He will start his dressage career in 2006 under trainer Justine Sanger. Feron is approved by the American Warmblood Registry."



2006 foal: Feuervogel

From Freedom Farm's website: "True to his heritage, Feuertanzer possesses all of the qualities desired in the modern sporthorse. His exceptional temperament, conformation, gaits, and jumping aptitude are well documented. In 1999, Feuertanzer was presented to the American Trakehner Association for stallion approval. He was overwhelming approved with unheard of scores which later earned him "Premium" status (one of only four stallions ever receiving this honor from the ATA). His marks of ALL 9's and 8's were the 2nd highest ever given by the ATA! ... He has already sired 4 ATA Horse Of The Year Award winners (two out of TB mares), and numerous USDF in-hand winners."



2008 foal: Gabilan
2009 foals: Game Point and Global News

From Foxdale Farms' website: "Gatsby not only turns heads with his beauty, conformation and presence, but he steals the hearts wherever he goes, whether in training, grooming, or just working around him in the barn ... Most riders want a horse who is not only talented, but fun and safe too. The story remains consistent - people love their Gatsby babies and are hailing them as the most beautiful, talented, trainable, and sweet horses they've ever had ... He consistently produces outstanding foals, with one Premium colt ranking top 5 in the nation. Gatsby stamps his foals with size, conformation, athleticism, and consistently amazing temperaments, making him an excellent choice for amateurs or professionals in any sport horse discipline."



2006 foal: Resoluut

Morgan noticed Ricky Martin for his good looks, fantastic trot, and tight jump while competing on the Georgia Hunter Jumper Association circuit. This stallion has a wonderful attitude and tons of charisma: he attracted a crowd at every show! Additionally, he was Zone 4 Champion and 9th in the nation for 2 Year Old Hunter Breeding.



Currently in foal: Red Rosalyn

According to his website, Yeager is "athletic and playful, and loves to jump. True to his breeding, he is built well to do either dressage or jumping, and has a fantastic presence that gets noticed wherever he goes. His canter is especially lovely, naturally round, balanced and free through the shoulder. Yeager has a nicely set on neck and short back which makes dressage work easy for him, and he has a well engaged, elastic step at trot. Like his sire, Yeager has a huge bascule and spring over fences that has me really excited to show him in eventing and jumpers in the future."



last but not least ... MJ BOSTON JAMMER ... our tease stallion


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